About Runaway Serfer

I received an MFA in Creative Writing from San Diego State University, maintain a few author websites (David Brin, Harold Jaffe) and an online Armageddon-themed website/blog (Armageddon Buffet). I am also Managing Editor of the literary journal Fiction International.

I also write, and have published a few of my stories. One, “The Politics of Lefthandedness,” was published in the “Abject/Outcast” edition of Fiction International and reprinted online. Two others, “Levels of Comfort” and “Animals Were Harmed,” were published on the Armageddon Buffet website.

I have a page on Facebook and Twitter, where I am – always – looking for friends who are passionate about reading, writing, outsider politics and other literary pursuits.

I write an occasional blog post over at the Fiction International blog, and will try to begin a personal blog here. (That is, I have tried blogs in the past (Blogger, Open Salon) and haven’t kept them up.)

I also aspire to be an “outside agitator,” (political but not affiliated with party politics) so I just started a Facebook page called Unofficial Fan of the Aquarian Era. (It’s not about astrology: It’s about how to change the world!)

I live in Encinitas, California, where I can see the ocean – which is why I have adopted a surfer as my avatar. (And because it makes a pun: surfer – serfer. You always have to explain puns.)


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