Unusual Inspirations


Fiction (Photo credit: Eat your greens!)

Sporadic posts for a few months, then – two in two days. What is wrong with me?

Here’s what’s wrong with me: I’m moving. My friend & roommate bought a townhouse and we are packing up 20 years of accumulated furniture, two lifetime’s worth of accumulated books (collected by two voracious readers!) and moving there by the end of the month.

Here’s what else is keeping me busy: I’m in the middle of proofreading/editing a book on how to build community – an essential topic in the era of Occupy – that the author and his friends/colleagues want to revise and publish in a new edition. This started out a job but as I “read” the book I’m getting intrigued by its ideas and theories. The original title was Genuine Dialogue and Real Partnership: Foundations of True Community.
Here’s what else has me too busy to blog: I just completed (well, nearly completed) a revision of the Fiction International website because the old one was looking dated.

Here’s my other “too busy to blog” excuse – and it’s a big one (though not as big as boxing books): I’m right in the middle of revising the look of David Brin’s website. In fact, the new look isn’t up yet, though it will be within a week or two weeks. He’s revising his site because he has a new science fiction novel coming out in June called Existence. (If you promise not to share it with anyone, here’s a sneak peek at his new look.)

You might think that this listing is designed to excuse my break in blogging. It’s not; it’s really about the importance of revising things other than drafts – already-published books, websites, a home. It’s also about learning something important about my writing habit:

The break in blogging occurred when I had almost nothing to do but write. Paradoxically, when I’m the busiest I’ve been in months I suddenly start blogging – and writing fiction – again. I think this teaches me something about myself: clearing time from my schedule to write is counter-productive.


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