More zombies

The zombies are coming after me again! Since writing my first “zombie” post I’ve had two encounters with zombies.

First, the other night I had a “zombie story” dream. This particular zombie dream was similar to others I’ve had: There was an adorable preschool boy who was a zombie, and his parents were anguished because of it. They could not kill him – could you kill your own son? They wanted to comfort him, and in the end they did. Yes, it meant he would bite them and they would also be zombies, but he was their little boy!

Then I woke up and realized two things:

    It would make a compelling story.
    It would never be sold because editors only publish “plucky survivor” zombie stories.

See? Sort of the opposite of the “elusive room” dream, where you search and search for a room in a dream that you can easily find in real life. My “adorable zombie” story works in dreams but selling it as a concept is elusive.

Then I came across this offer to take one of my photos and re-design it into a zombie photo. Perhaps not in time for Valentine’s Day, but ideal for any couples occasion. Again, this disconnect between people’s fondness for “adorable” zombies when there’s no market for a story about one.

Why won’t agents and publishers consider a novel with zombies as protagonists?


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