How I became a Runaway Serfer

I didn’t start out as a Runaway Serfer. I originally wanted to change careers.

I was working as Executive Administrative Manager at a biotech company and hated it (hint: they are vivisectionists!). I had originally wanted to write, and abandoned it for personal reasons, and since I still wanted to write, I quit my job one summer day to ease back into writing, re-enroll in graduate school, teach elementary education as my new profession, and create a few writing websites on the side. (I’m a multi-tasker!)

Six weeks later: 9/11/2001.

In the years while I obtained my teaching credential and earned my MFA, the world – and both my planned professions – changed.

  1. Elementary education changed from wanting to educate to wanting to test children. (Might as well have stayed with the vivisectionists!)
  2. The internet morphed into social media, meaning simple websites were not so simple anymore and weren’t the only formats a writer needed.
  3. Graduate school turned out to be a lot more interesting than I had imagined (when I left it was a place to get a degree to impress agents and publishers).
  4. And September 11 really did change everything, and not in a good way

I re-emerged into a society that didn’t want to employ someone my age, then didn’t want to employ anybody, really.

So now I’m learning how to be a Runaway Serfer (a Serf without a Master).


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